The Impregnable Greenback.

                “The dollar is strong because of the U.S economy and because people want to hold dollar and the safety of the dollar,” said Steven Mnuchnin, the U.S Treasure Secretary. The U.S. dollar, also known as greenback because of its colour, is patently the most powerful currency in the world. In fact the dollar is […]

ONE NATION ONE RATION: All you need to know about

A few days back our respected PM announced about an upcoming government plan named ONE NATION ONE RATION CARD. Before this, there was a rule that every ration card-holder would get a ration card which was specifically usable in that particular state from where or she belongs. Now as the pandemic has affected the country’s […]


                  INTRODUCTION Since the pandemic has started we have settled ourselves under a lockdown mode. Every activity we do has just got its pause button. College Institutions, Universities, School, and business institutions everything is just standing still. In such circumstances the when the government itself has stated […]

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