All about COVID’19 and it’s history

CORONAVIRUS A great pandemic which has been affecting the world scarily. It is said “COVID’19” because it was first found in December 2019. Coronavirus was first detected in WHUAN City CHINA. This pandemic has lead to loss of lives in the whole world with Italy being the major place where people died. There was no place left to bury them. Here’s a look at the history and the rise of this pandemic. Learn how this has made a huge loss in the whole world and to the lives of people.


How it all started

On 10th of December 2019, a lady named WEI GUIXIAN was the first Patient of Novel Coronavirus. The lady was a seafood merchant in HUA’NAN MARKET in Wuhan city. As per reporters, the lady was 57 years old and one day suddenly she started feeling sick. Thinking it was a viral fever she wants to a local clinic to get some medicine and then started her work . 8 days later the lady was lying on the bed of hospital later she was detected as the first case of this deadly coronavirus.

Slowly cases were increasing, for almost three weeks doctors were busy in connecting. All the dots between Mrs Wei and other human vendors but the number of patients were increasing rapidly situation was going of control. Patient after patient came up with reporting the same symptoms, but unfortunately, many of them like Mrs Wei visited to poorly resourced clinic and hospital. Some patients even went for chest scans; many middle-class patients like Mrs Wei refused for getting transferred to big hospitals with better facilities that were equipped to identify infectious diseases.

The reaction of the Chinese government

After hearing these news many doctors claimed it as a ‘rumour’. No one believed the fact that it was COVID’19, after keeping Mrs Wei in quarantine. But unfortunately, they were prevented by Chinese authorities to raise high alert alarms and letting the public alone. Many people criticised the doctor for spreading these rumour but later on when this rumour became fact as the doctor proved by showing the test results which came positive for Coronavirus.



After all the mess being created finally Chinese President  Xi Jinping personally ordered officials to keep control of the outbreak. However, till 7th Jan authorities kept denying the fact that it could spread between humans. Something doctors were known as this was happening from the late of December. And went ahead with Chinese lunar new year banquet. Including ten thousand other families in Wuhan city


Lockdown in Wuhan City
Lockdown in Wuhan City

 Rise of the Pandemic       

China has denied any criticisms of its epidemic saying it bought time for the rest of the world. Mr Xi told around 1,70,000 officials in a teleconference on 23 February that the country’s leadership acted swiftly and cohesively since the beginning of it.

No one thought that this virus would take over the whole Wuhan city. When it was first detected the Chinese government as well as the Chinese health department took it lightly, as a result, it destroyed the around 10,000 families. It is so rapidly increasing that on 9th January Chinese officials announced the outbreak of COVID’19 with 44 positive cases. Which was very normal for the population as well as the government.

And as the days passed it became a great problem for the whole of china because of the negligence of government and its people within 14 days it covered almost 700 more positive cases. As per reports on 23rd January 2020 Chinese officials confirmed 639 positive cases. After which Wuhan and other areas were quarantined

RIse of an epidemic
RIse of an epidemic


Medical failure

Medical failure
Medical failure


We can give this one word to the whole of events as the Chinese medical sector was clueless of what was actually happening with them. Although they worked hard to identify the disease quickly. It was too late till then, they were totally hobbled by a health care system, despite huge improvements in the past 15 years. But situations like this often leave working-class people ms.wei with insufficient access to general doctors with crippling hospital bills.


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