COVID’19: A Pain for the World but a Boon for Bloggers

COVID’19: A Pain for the World but a boon for Bloggers

The Novel coronavirus is costing the lives of millions of people, the whole world is suffering pain bitterly. The government, doctors, scientists everyone out there are just clueless no vaccine and such medications have existed for this pandemic COVID’19.

To control the situation in the country, states, cities have just called curfews & lockdowns. In order to get back the normal lifestyle the population of the said province. Private, corporate &IT departments are requested to WORK FROM HOME. In such worst conditions, one needs to follow the govt regulations very seriously. When the world is suffering in pain no one can even think of a profit or earning money but technology has developed so much that it hardly leaves any loophole here one can’t earn with the brain, talent, and techniques. So, the only sector who shall be happy now would be the BLOGGING sector.

COVID’19: A Pain for the World but a boon for Bloggers

There are two types of bloggers

1.Video bloggers

2.Content writing bloggers (which we are )

Generally blogging is considered as a part-time income for collegiate students but with the growing number of searches and people are so much reliable on google that everything is being searched blogging is a great aspect for this HOUSE ARREST. Showing torch to both the parts of blogging let’s see what’s next!


Video blogging the biggest platform for this job is YOUTUBE, people who are good looking and if u have are confident enough to public speaking! ‘Cheers’ you’ve got it basically video blogging is a big bro of content blogging, content writing gives you the reading part of the details as a  viewer and as a blogger, it is a bit easier task than is VIDEO BLOGGING but guys as I mentioned above. If u are a good public speaker and you know how to catch market  then it’s a great YES for you

These steps would help u to get a youtube channel

Step 1 – get yourself a channel on YouTube which u can do easily

Step 2- make regular videos and keep yourself updated with current affairs and reviews

Step  3 – be entertaining because once you get good likes and views you start getting subscribers which automatically approves your Adsense account

Step 4 – be current with the world and start earning

This was video blogging now we come to content blogging.

Content blogging

Content blogging is a great hand for you if you are interested in saying your heart out and you can use this as your way of income, it is not that hard but the starting process is a bit complicated but you need to stay Motivated. To earn through your blogging site you need to get Traffic on your every blog which you post which decides your earning in the currency which hosting you have chosen. It is all in all a great way to earn around 5-10k for your side income and if u get think of getting your carrier in this sector the income is limitless of your work is just like the sky.

Thank you so much & hope this blog would help you.


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