Since the pandemic has started we have settled ourselves under a lockdown mode. Every activity we do has just got its pause button. College Institutions, Universities, School, and business institutions everything is just standing still.

In such circumstances the when the government itself has stated to be in the home for first 21 days the condition was accepted by the people very digestively but later when the condition started getting worse and we are still facing the problem of not stepping outside 

A serious concern was raised by many parents and students that what will be happening to their education and promotion .Later we came to know that the previous session was declared as a promotion to every student, 

Now as this was stated the tension arose for the preparation of new session studies .After the discussion it was decided that school and educational institutes have remained close for .The next few months under these circumstances

The education ministry suggested starting “ONLINE CLASSES” or “HOMESCHOOLING”. Now, this was the only way that would start the new session. Taking this the only option every single institution started its online classes on different applications. ZOOM & GOOGLE MEET got great traffic as these two apps were mostly adopted by most of the education centers.

As soon as online classes started every parent and student were satisfied but let us spare an important one minute and think IS THIS THE NEW NORMAL or THE DIGITAL SCHOOLING IS THE FUTURE.

Well as we can observe the current scenario the answer Is “YES” we can assume that this particular revolution will be quite long. So let us discuss how helpful it is and how will it affect the generation. 


As we can see that the situation is very critical but keeping the fact in mind that education is also an important sector to deal with. Therefore a HOMESCHOOLING is a perfect option, There’s hardly any difference in virtual classes and physical classes.

All the credit goes to technology thus it is a bit a controversial topic because if we look it from the student’s point of view the scope of bluffing and mischievousness is more than 85% but that depends upon them and their mindset.

But if we go with the situation it’s helpful enough. At least “Something is better than nothing”. So we may conclude that this method is helpful enough.

Like everything has an Advantage and disadvantage, this process too has some advantages and disadvantages. Let us see what are they.


Let us have five advantages of HOMESCHOOLING or DIGITALSCHOOLING

. As directed by the government and watching the health issues it’s very risky for students to step out. Thus students, as well as school fraternity, are safe from any danger.

. If there would have not been this Homeschooling .Students would face a huge loss of education which should not be done

.Students get self-dependent because of this online classes and assignments they get a sense of responsibility 

. The biggest advantage is parents get worth of their fees. As soon as they get online class and in return, they pay regular fees.

. The students who are in low standards just as 5 & 6 gets familiar with the use of this technology. And online classes.


Disadvantages of Homeschooling are 

. The dissatisfaction of parents, maybe one of the biggest point that can create trouble

. Not understanding the lessons, While we took review from students the most common problem was they couldn’t understand lessons 

. Missing lessons, this point is a bit complicated yet clear. While online classes are going on its not compulsory that every individual has a stable internet connection. Let say the class is going on there are 20 users along with the teacher .While a lesson is going on and 2-3 students get network issue .They eventually lose some part of their lesson which cant be repeated.

. The biggest point that came out is students get health issues related to eyes and brain because. The classes are conducted just like school so approximately the students sit for 4-5 hours which badly affect their eyes and brain

. Teachers complain about students who are smart in computer handling and technology make jokes of teachers which is unacceptable.

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