Diseases that threatened the World

Yellow Fever

Diseases that threatened the World

The current situation of the world is very poor, every country is going through a very tough phase. Economic crisis, medical emergency, lockdown, constant deaths and many such issues. Creating the pain and trouble to the world. Many people who are active on social media pages are going through rumours and myths which may or may not be true. So basically most of the people are believing that this CORONAVIRUS was preplanned by nature. Not denying the fact it was not actually PREPLANNED but it was a genuine cycle which was totally normal.

So the fact what revolves around is after every 100 years there comes such diseases which affect the world to that extend that no one can imagine. It all started from the year 1720 PLAGUE and it’s 2020 the revolution is still on its wheels.


The great plague of Marseille. Was the very first disease that took over the world, during that phase the outbreak was clueless to the people no one even had the idea that this can be spread. It started from EUROPE later arriving in Marseille, France in 1720. This disease was so deadly that it almost took the lives of 1,00,000 people. 50,000 in the city during the next two years and another 50,000 to the north in surroundings province and towns.

Despite a large number of deaths, Marseille recovered quickly from the plague outbreak. Economically it took a few years to recover, as trade expanded to the West Indies and Latin America. By 1765, the growing population was back at it’s  old-time which was 1720 level

Symptoms of PLAGUE

  • Pain areas: abdomen or muscles
  • Cough can be with blood
  • Whole-body: fever, chills, fatigue or malaise
  • Gastrointestinal: diarrhoea, nausea or vomiting

People may also experience swollen lymph nodes which can be as large as chicken eggs in groin armpit or neck.



Cholera was the second most outbreak in the world but first in India. It is believed that cholera was first found in India near Bengal. The disease appears in European literature as 1642 from the dutch physician Jakob de Bondt’s. Early outbreaks in Indian subcontinent it was believed to have been the result of poor living conditions, as well as. The presence of pools of still water, both of which provide ideal conditions for cholera to thrive. The disease was first spread through trade routes ( land to sea ) to Russia in 1817. Later to the rest of Europe and from Europe to North America and the rest of the world

The first cholera pandemic occurred in the Bengal region of India, near Calcutta starting in 1817 through 1824. the movement of the British army and navy ships and personnel are believed to have contributed to the range of pandemic. As the ships carried peoples with the disease to the shores of the Indian ocean. 

Symptoms of cholera

  • Pain areas: in the abdomen 
  • Gastrointestinal: nausea, severe diarrhoea, watery diarrhoea, vomiting
  • Whole-body dehydration 

Key symptoms are diarrhoea and dehydration 


The disease yellow fever virus and is spread by the bite of an infected female mosquito. It only infects humans other primates and several types of mosquitoes. The evolutionary origins of yellow fever most likely in Africa, with the transmission of the disease from non-human primates to human. It is believed that the virus originated in East or Central Africa. As it was endemic in Africa local populations had developed some immunity to it. In 18th and 19th Century yellow fever was seen as one of the most infectious diseases. In 1927, the yellow fever virus became the first human virus to be isolated. Again in 2013 yellow fever resulted in 1,27,000 severe infection and 45,000 deaths with nearly 90 per cent of Africans affected by it.

Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever

Symptoms of yellow fever

  • Pain areas: In the abdomen or lower muscle 
  • Whole-body: chills, fatigue, fever or loss of appetite
  • Gastrointestinal: nausea or vomiting

People may also experience Mild cases cause fever, headache, nausea. Serious cases may be fatal heart or liver condition. 


CORONAVIRUS A great pandemic which has been affecting the world scarily.  The name is said “COVID’19” because it was first found in December 2019. Coronavirus was first detected in WHUAN City CHINA.

The disease is still affecting world countries like India, China, Italy, Spain are effected fatally. Till date around 1,00,000 deaths have been confirmed. It is believed that this pandemic was first suspected in China Wuhan city.

Corona virus
Corona virus

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