Donald Trump killing dreams or fostering lost national love.

Whenever we discuss world Economics or an ideal place to work for, the first country that comes in mind is . The US Now as we discuss the US its not only about Economy and work

But it is that hub of the world where 90% of Indian teens dream to live.
Well working in Multinational companies and owning a supercar in US is not a big deal anymore. Nor we are here discussing the importance of employment and such kinds of stuff in India. We are here to Highlight that part of US which a youngster won’t see.

Well, it’s normal if we love something and we dream of that particular Thing There’s no disadvantage or negativity Into it from our point of view. But if we look it from the world’s point of view there’s a lot .We ignore as an Indian as a youth

Reason behind the Heading

The heading seems to be weird, but if we relate it with the current situation of US. It’s a very smart and keen move by Mr. Donald Trump, he has taken over two aims with a single shot

The president

The current President of US, is the 45th President of US, yet one of the most controversial and sweet one too .His actions in front of the public are so Pranky that people go on laughing for hours, well US has not seen such a cool president before.
While his visit to India in 2019 was one of the greatest events covered by the world. And in such a grand event his speech In which he tried speak got viral to such an extent that it streamed on social media for almost a month.
Apart from the fact that Trump is a very dear friend of India, he admires the Indian PM. But that doesn’t mean that politics won’t be played from both sides. And that’s where the actual personalities come out
Let us see how Mr.Trump got two aims In one Shot.

Two Aims on a single shot

The current situation of America is very teary, the whole country is in mess right now. The country is devastated by COVID’19, being the most affected country in the world. Apart from that, there was violence in the country, Due to Racism, the conditions went from bad to worst. Trump was criticized for his irresponsible leadership. people were getting unemployed, Unemployment came up as another threat in this tough situation. According to reports, the Unemployment rate in US went on as high as 14.70% which is highest till date
Now as Unemployment was the major problem, and this was something. The country wanted to come over as soon as they could, Finding ways to regain employment in US the Trump Government announced a ban of H1B visa

Ban on H1B Visa

Now people who don’t know what H1B Visa is, let me make them clear .The H1B visa is A MULTIPLE NON-IMMIGRANT visas which allows foreign workers employed by US Companies to work in their country. Now as the H1B visa was banned no one took so seriously as the rest of the world did, that is where we lack behind, we dream to work for MNC’s in US but we don’t look how the government behaves In such countries.
Taking it causally we left it in some corner, which we thought is not important to think. Let us take up that particular point and think. How will the ban on the H1B visa will affect India?


As we know most of the companies who are globally sound prefer Indian Employees over the other, As there is a ban on an H1B visa. The employees who work in such companies have almost lost their jobs, home. As the pandemic is affecting the world most of the employees were here in India with their families, Trump looking the situation very keenly played a masterstroke which eventually took all the jobs from foreign employees. Which in sort gave almost 18% of job vacancy in US which is near about 28 million jobs.
As Mr. Trump played smart enough and made every company feeble. Now it’s basic enough if a worker is not working why would the company pay him/her. Suspending the payroll till the end of this year. He came up in front of the world with an excuse of COVID’19. He stated the situation is getting worse and keeping it in Mind the ban on H1B Visa announced. Which was nothing but a mere excuse to a pre-planned step


Doing this he won the hearts of people there in US, keeping the upcoming presidential elections in mind. He did something which gave him people’s love which eventually is voting and playing a trick with India.


The most important fact comes up is .There are almost 2 lakh, Indian employees, in the IT Sector and 1.5 lakhs as of the Fiscal sector .Which ranks as almost the top third or the fourth number of foreign employees from a country.
Now the Numbers prove the love of Indians in US IT Sector reason being the head-quarters of Google & Apple and other multinational companies.


well if not numbers than .The success of Indian Born US IT masters would prove how passionate they are working with world’s most reputed business corporations.
Sundar Pichai an Indian originated IT guy who is settled in Silicon Valley as CEO of GOOGLE
Satya Nadella a Hyderabadi boy Who later on Became CEO of Microsoft.
The list is long enough. To prove, how India has taken over the US’s IT, FISCAL, and many other sectors with a dominative mindset.

Think Now!

This clearly shows how Insecure US is from Successful Indian’s.
And now it Is the right time for Indian’s to take a step towards new revolution and come up as a competitor for US markets.
Its high time instead of giving our talent in foreign hands we make proper use of them here in India.
Its time to make India a competitor for every county & every sector,Its time that we build world level companies .In India and grow India’s GDP and growth rate. It’s the time to start a long live revolution of India’s success in front of the world.

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