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Everything about Fit India Movement


 Yo”Fit India Movement”. To maintain a healthy life we need to be fit enough so that we can tackle daily life challenges. One of the advantages of being fit is there’s hardly diseases which can affect our health.

Fitness improves the quality of life and increases longevity. Therefore, all you need to do is make a few lifestyle changes. Just 30 mins of your day are enough to change your level of fitness. Exercise daily, take up a sport, eat healthily, avoid junk food. Avoid carbonated drinks because it is very harmful.

Regular exercise helps in building strong muscle and bones. For example, It improves cardiovascular health and overall health. As a result, fitness reduces the chances of any disease.

Fit India Movement

According to study 64 per cent of Indians don’t do physical activity to maintain fitness. Increasing pollution increases the chances of disease. As a result, the Government has started an Organization called FIT INDIA MOVEMENT. It’s an Organization started by Indian Ministry of youth affairs and sports. In order to start a fitness revolution nationwide.

The Fit India Moment is a movement to take the nation on a path fitness and wellness. It provides a unique opportunity to work towards a healthier India. So, individuals can undertake various efforts for their own health and well-being.

Fit India movement was launched by Shri Narendra Modi on 29th august 2019. Under Fit India movement there are several Events being organised by The Authorised Committee.

Events that fall under FIT INDIA MOVEMENT are:


Fit India Quiz

The FIT INDIA QUIZ is an initiative by the FIT INDIA MOVEMENT ORGANISATION. Because they wanted to create awareness among people across the country. This particular event aims to help people engaging and exciting them. And to motivate citizens towards fitness and raise awareness about fitness through an interactive learning process.

It is a sort of game which has multiple choice question based on fitness, health, sports, nutrition. Therefore, it helps to motivate citizens towards a healthy habit of staying fit. And maintain a fit India.

Therefore, The overall objective of FIT INDIA QUIZ to bring physical as well as mental change among the citizens of India.

March For Women

MARCH FOR WOMEN is one of the initiatives by FIT INDIA MOMENT in which is specially focused on Women maintaining fitness on a daily basis of life.

It is a sort of monthly task assigned to the women who have participated in this event of FIT INDIA MOTIVATED. Most importantly, Women need to organise a day and submit there videos and pictures on the fitindia.gov.in portal. Here they can perform any one of the activity. For example:

  • Tug of war
  • Plog run
  • Kho kho
  • Kabbadi
  • Fitness workshop for women

Anyone who is interested can perform whether it’s a corporate office, society or NGOs. Even if you are an individual you can participate in the event.

The motive behind this event is to help women and being aware of fitness. I can see that females in my country are still suppressed somewhere. Therefore, The aim of this particular event is to give enough knowledge of fitness and it’s important to women of India

Fit India Active Sunday

The FIT INDIA ACTIVE SUNDAY is a unique community-driven initiative that encourages people to exercise together. One can choose any GOQii centre for their fit India active Sunday. As a result, This initiative has grown over the past 5 years throughout the country across 23 cities in over 40+cities.

The programs will be conducted by self-motivated “champions” who will inspire to get fit and active.



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