“FREELANCE” a word that has taken the youth world to the next step. One can’t think how drastically and how impressively it has taken over the young minds. College students and other bachelors find “freelancing” a term to earn moreover anything they can imagine. Well keeping it apart let us discuss what does “FREELANCE” means and how do this freelancing works.


FREELANCE; It’s a term which means A self-employed or hired employee who works for different companies on particular assignments. In general, we can say that it’s a pay & work job ., you get paid for whatever task has been completed by you. It’s not a monthly or a contract sort of job you are hired for a task. In which you are an expert.

The person who works these Jobs is known as “FREELANCER”. Over the period the number of freelancers has grown rapidly in INDIA. “FREELANCING” something every company looks for these days it helps companies to save their budgets. Instead of keeping employees monthly, they keep looking for freelancers who would work only for that particular project. 

Let’s discuss this further & see 

how does this work and is it really helpful?

Freelance jobs are very easy to find these days, point of the matter is that it is not only found in one particular field as the time passed by it has been something which every industry has adopted.

Be it Writing  Modeling, Software, Editing, Gaming, Designing, and whatnot. Apart from this its something which is accepted by individuals in something or the other way. Employment sites like, have added a separate section of FREELANCE JOBS. There are many freelancing jobs which we would discuss further.


As experienced by many individuals and myself Freelancing is helpful bachelors, Not even a bachelor’s but even well-employed person can go for freelancing it helps in increasing monthly income. The biggest and most interesting part is most of the freelancing jobs are home-based.

 So it’s not only that employed person or a bachelor can do even Housewives can go for it, the results are impressive. It’s not that it may give you millions of amounts but a lump sum amount which could be helpful enough. In other words, it’s a job with not that formalities and formal qualifications requirement just a Graduation would do.


Make a profile on several trusted sites after that start applying for the work.

Well working as “FREELANCER” is not that tough job. All you have to do is find a perfect job on a trusted site. Search for the perfect job with the most suitable rate, And apply for it. If it is from your suitable field. Contact the company or whoever is giving the job via email. Get assured about the work and payment.

Get started with your task as soon as you get confirmation from the owner.


As soon as you get a confirmation from the site. You can now start working for the aforesaid task, There’s a duration of time within which the task should be completed and submitted. In some cases, if the company agrees with your work you get your full payment in advance. But in other cases, if the company is in any sort of doubt with your work they may do approximately 50% of an advance payment. And in some very unlucky cases, the payments are delayed.

Payments are generally done through NET BANKING & WALLET PAYMENTS

Some of the best Sites to find “FREELANCING  JOBS”

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