FRIENDSHIP FOREVER: Value of friendship

Generally friendship starts from school and its never the end of this wonderful relation

Nowadays we are so alone we have don’t have time to talk to anyone which is denoted by the word “ego” ,”attitude”. But we still miss those people in our life to whom we never wanted to leave but still, we leave due to our circumstances ,our satisfaction ,our priority. With time and days, we leave those people in our memories.

This is a story of Robin which , can be relatable enough with some of your story .At the end you might get emotional . Which may remind of the quality time spent with your “BFF’s” . With time and days we understand friends are like well without water cake without sugar and Chakna without beer life is like hell without them and some times you feel like .why you are in this world are you the patient of bipolar disorder where your mood always swings sometimes you get mad at something.

Spark of a New Friendship

Generally friendship starts from school and its never the end of this wonderful relation. So, come lets start this story where Robin used to make best of the time with his best friend let me introduce him .Rahul the only one friend whom he never leaves Rahul is opposite of Robin the way robin is rebellious curious and savage personality Rahul is totally irreconcilable. But tries everything to hide his mistake without caring what will be the outcome one day robin said to Rahul let us go up to the school terrace let us watch what is really a ghost or not as it is an old custom of every school to say that someone had committed suicide children’s don’t try to go to the school terrace.

Robin is a curious person he tried every way to go to the school terrace with his five more friends ,without getting informed by anyone but Rahul knew this before he took the rap for his blame .Teachers were very angry with both .But Rahul was not involved in any of the he mischievous just staring at Robin and then both started smiling .The life was really great but, Robin was ignorant about Rahul disease of Alzheimer’s it was not his mistake but his friend always tried to hide from him. Rahul took pictures of every moment to make himself remind that what this person name is till now he had visited which which places but sometimes he fails to remember about his best friend face but anyhow he managed without saying a single word.

Hiding problems from “BFF” are you a real friend

The Anxiety was not so much he forgets things by the day or a week or sometimes a second but not like every time actually he saw his mother death in front of his eyes at the age of five. It’s very hard moment for a 5 year old child to accept this trauma but he took medicine for this to make himself normal but the question was. how long Rahul can hide the disease? .One day they went for a drive as Rahul said not to go from the highway which is under construction but Robin didn’t listened to him he just kept on driving to have fun.


But it was happened which not expected of .Car accident it was not intentional but was accident Due to headstock Rahul went to coma for so long that we cant even imagine. As of now we knew the truth about his disease as he was already suffering from taruma and due to car accident he went back to his past when Rahul was 5 year old boy now Robin was really upset because of his foolishness he played with his friend’s life. Made him into wave the only thing Robin had is He and Rahul ,memories were the only thing that helped them into hardships.

From having crush on same girl, our likes ,dislikes everything but .”how dare he hid this truth from me am I not applicable to listen his problems” . I already knew the truth of his mother death but I really didn’t knew about his disease which he was suffering from. But now I have time to make my friend believe that he is not only alone I am was also there I will make him come back by anyhow. Robin promised himself

Problems! to test your friendship

But how ? that night Robin cannot sleep whole night he was thinking about Rahul’s come back from coma next day he bought paranormal experts to make him realize that his mother was not actually dead. she was alive but it won’t work whole night he spoke about the old school days .Memories but it also won’t work . Realizing it is not easy to bring him back he was filled angered and screamed out of frustration at persistent vegetative state person .

But nothing would happen just wasting his energy .Finally he decided to make him come back by his dream it’s really out of experiment but everyone cannot think so its all that we need to believe. Robin does everything he could for his friend Rahul ,as he was clueless. Not knowing the outcome but he tried .He heard about Recoveredmemory therapy as the real problem was coming out from the past which he was actually feeling in coma

“Jane tujhe denge Nahi” Moment

how do I am going to get this Recoveredmemory therapy done? claimed Robin. where I can communicate him without using any human sensory by physical interaction only I need to send my important message to him the time when he was alone when no one was with him he was at the darkest side of his life. I need to live now I need to be there to make his come back to make him realize the importance of his existence in Robin’s life

To save my best friend’s life I consulted a Psychologist. Following the his steps i took him to a Recoveredmemory therapy there I sat just beside him on a comfortable chair to make myself calm when. I entered to his dream firstly I called him “Rahul Rahul” where are you I am your friend Robin there was no response but someone was sobbing just next to me he was in a dark room crying like hell. when I tried to talk with him


But wait! what I see his father was the real suspect and with whom he spent his 25 years without any complain. How is this possible but, what I am going to do now .His father is no where now should I go in to talk to him. It was all about Rahul’s come back .Rahul was a 5 year old boy looking for help and I was there helping him .

But going with the flow i didn’t realize what does Rahul wants .Does he wants me to run away from the situation or just wait for the things to get back normal. I need to realize him whatever he saw was an accident no one is dead .Everything is alright but suddenly I observed his body moving ,his fingers start moving.

“we need to go back rahul .Are you ok ?” and then I came back with his deepest secret inside me Rahul started acting normal .”Doctor doctor will everything be alright” .Doctor came out from the ward and said it’s a good news your friend started acting normal

It’s a Happy Ending!

Movement of here eyes seemed as Rahul is giving me the permission to enter to his Mind and read what does he wants to say. Next day I tried this again and then what I found was the reason behind is anxiety.

It was going great, Rahul celebrated his birthday on very happy note but suddenly what he noticed .Was his mother was not acting normal it was feeling like that Rahul’s parent had a fight over some point of discussion which made rahul’s mother very upset. The quarrel went on so big that Rahul’s mother drank poison it was Rahul birthday when he lost his mother.

Being a 5 year old kid rahul didn’t knew what happened to his mother. His father knew everything and trying to escape from legal authorities rahul’s father buried his mother under their Hall which Rahul saw and could’nt digest as a infant which eventually made him traumatized .

If Robin won’t have been there .Robin won’t have coped with the time. Being a true friend of rahul .Robin helped to fight the legal procedure and take over the custody of rahul’s father. All the sufferings are over and now he can take out the body of his mother which was buried in under hall for past 25 years .From that day he also forgot what is Anxiety, now he and his friends both are all right and now friends forever till the last breath

How long will you go for your best friend?

check out the story!

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