How to earn money online

How to earn money online

Online Jobs to make money: the first question that comes in our mind when we hear about online ways of earning money is, Is it possible to earn money through online means? Well, there is not any kind of assurance because of fraudsters. That’s the reason people choose offline business or job, for trustworthy and secured mindset. It is also true that they have faith in terms of payment. But this just a myth in today’s world people are turning online and growth rate over the internet revenue is really impressive.

People are working over the internet for, Online Markets, Online selling, and such sort of online works that makes money. It doesn’t matter if it is an ONLINE PART-TIME JOB or FULL-TIME JOB, slowly but steadily one is gaining faith and interest in online working. Nowadays students start searching for an online job as soon as they complete their academics, to earn some bucks which would help them and even their family.

People search on Google for part-time jobs and ways to earn money online and in search, they fall Into fraudsters prey. So, here we are with some of the most genuine ways to earn online 

                         FIVERR.COM Is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers under a single roof

Is considered to be one of the largest online marketplaces with millions of users signing up daily from all around the globe. Hence we can say it is one of the biggest platforms to do. Here, a buyer comes to get the desired service he/she wants. Post this the buyer needs to pay the gigs that are being offered by the service provider.

Whereas the seller creates an impressive Bio with negotiable Gigs. To attract more of the customers and get paid for the desired gigs.

Almost every sort of commercial service is being offered in Fiverr be it Data Entry, content writing, an editor, and so on.

Below are the steps on How to work on Fiverr:

First of all, create an account on

Click on to become a seller

Login in to your account

Place your gig by choosing your category

Add your professional certificates if any, as proof (for better results)

Finally, you are set to go

Once we start getting projects, we should work with all the confidence and zeal. Only working on projects won’t make us grow instead of taking an active part in customer service asking. Them to review your service would help to get better customer results. We should keep this in mind that after a project is being completed the reviews that are awarded by the consumer helps to grow and earn more profits.

Thus it is the part-time job platform provided over the internet.


Similarly likewise, for people who are in search of online Part-time jobs. It’s a platform that helps sellers to earn bids that have been demanded by them to carry out the project. You can avail to avail of all sorts of earning jobs and internships and satisfy the publisher and get a pocket full of money. The platform you have been looking for to get some part-time online job. Hence Is a perfect site for such operations.

Below are the steps to get yourself started as a freelancer.

. First of all login or sign up to your account  at

. Click on I WANT TO WORK 

Choose the category you wish to work for

. Place your bid and wait for your projects

. And that’s it you are ready to earn

You can work data entry, content writer, etc on freelancers. It’s not important that you need to work part-time you can also work as a full-time worker.

  The only drawback one can face is that it provides you 30 bids free. If you earn within these 30 bids, it’s excellent but the problem appears after you complete these bids. One needs to purchase the bids after using the 30 bids. So choose the bids in which you feel that a buyer is going to contact you be ready with your proofs and works so that there is not any loop-hole. So that your work can be declined.

Blogging (best for an online part-time job)

Blogging is a perfect part-time job, over time blogging has been very famous and adopted by many of the youngsters. It’s very easy too and one of the highest volume of earning source.

Blogging is all about creating a website on blogger or WordPress by Purchasing a domain and then working on your website to earn money out of AdSense.

It’s indeed a fact that you won’t earn for starting 2-3 months. But as soon as your domain gets old you start gaining a lot of traffic eventually on your website. This will increase your AdSense earning. But blogging if started should be done with all dedication to getting positive results.

How to start blogging

Purchase a domain: Purchase it from

Start posting articles: Post minimum of 20-25 articles from different topics and the

Adsense approval: Submit the website for google AdSense approval

Link building: create quality backlinks the only way possible to rank your website on google 

Gain traffic: share the link and website as much as possible to traffic.

Payment: Complete your threshold and release your payment.

To know about how to earn money in lockdown situation. Go through the link below.


The online market place makes it more convenient when it comes to From professional workers to freelancers everyone can avail of this. Upwork connects, business, and filled workers together so as to create an environment that is full of faith and dignity.

Below are the steps to get started on

. Log in or sign up on

. Click post on a Job

. Provide your skills & select for the job

. Upload some certificates if achieved 

. Please rate you wish to charge

. You are good to go.

Upwork is one of the most trusted online platforms to earn money. Well its quite easy to understand if you have good knowledge of attracting customers. 

So, all of these are the most trusted and verified platform where one can show off their talent and earn money.

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