In a short period, this word DEPRESSION has got so viral on a global level that every single teen feels that he or she is depressed. The topic should not be left on such a sensitive stage, its not that the person suffering from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks should be left alone.

But the point should be made so clear that every person who feel .That he/she is suffering from that particular problem doesn’t exist. 

We live in such a society where suicide is the only medicine, to a depressed human. That is where we go wrong and the situation gets worst, Well 85% of us don’t know what does depressed mind looks like and how bad or good it is, Therefore before posting anything on social media and discussing this problem of faking it on the social platform. Think twice, because according to WHO 15-20% Indian adults face something or the other Mental illness which is huge in number 

Taking this point on a global discussion let us see what this depression is and why is it so deadly and .How many people are suffering from this Mental illness.

Let’s start an informative tour of this serious topic.


The first and for-most question to think is how does this depression look like. It’s not a wound that you would witness it with eyes but its one of those wounds that would. Suppress a human mind so badly that one gets blocked from every site to take any of the actions.


The reason that leads a suicide attempt or harming the patient itself is. A major cause of self-harming is mental illness, commonly depressed people find death as the only solution. People feeling suicidal are overwhelmed by pain and hard emotions and they feel death is the only solution. It is so deadly that it takes over mind& heart both it handles the emotion of the patient. Therefore it damages every thought and takes over the negative thoughts. That make them feel like hurting them gives them relief from the mental pain they go through.

While a person is suffering it’s not that the patient gets negativity all day long but a small PANIC ATTACK of just 5 to 10 mins .Takes over them so hard that the person ends up giving the life.


Well, the answer is big NO, Suicide and self-harming Are not the solution. the right medication and the proper treatment can lead to these negative thoughts which eventually heals the mind and heart for some time.


Now the question comes as to what causes depression and such mental illness. There is clear cut evidence that the rapid growth of depression depends upon a biological basis. Generally, depression acts as a communicative disease. Let say if any one of your relatives went through the phase of depression and. You have been observing them keenly there are high chances that it may affect you someday or the other.

While it appears to have a biological component, but it has a psychological connection with such kind of mental illness. And In 21st-century doctors claimed that psychological and social plays a vital role. The loss of loved ones may trigger depression.

In this era where we believe in such social relations. The biggest and the most annoying reason that came up was “BREAK-UP”, Breaking up with your partner causes depression.


The biggest support in such illness is the support of friends family and loved ones. To have someone who would listen to you and have a short session of question & answer would make a difference. 

With the excellence of science and pharma, there are a lot of medications that can help you to cure

Apart from that medical therapies have also been introduced to get a faster and better result.Well, discussion on the treatment of depression is long enough And it’s not that prompt as far as treatment and mental positivity are concerned this information would be helpful enough.


Top 5 symptoms that are very strong to recognize are 

. Feelings of fatigue or lack of energy 

. Frequent tearfulness

. Loss of pleasure in virtually all activities 

. Difficulty with concentration or memory

. Thoughts of suicide and self-harm.

I hope this would be helpful enough


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