MS Dhoni Retirement: Reasons Why He Should not Retire

MS Dhoni retirement

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the greatest of the Game. He is considered as one of the most successful Captains of the game. Dhoni is also one of the most successful wicketkeepers of the cricket Fraternity. Under MS’s captaincy, India has won several tournaments on the World Level which makes it clear that MS Dhoni retirement will be a big shock.
Tournaments Like ICC World t20 2007, ICC 2011 World Cup, 2013 Champions Trophy. Apart from this Under his Captaincy India attained its best ICC rankings in Test Cricket as well as in ODI Cricket
As time passed he got a bit weaker in terms of the game.

People started criticism for his decisions and games. So, there’s a controversy among the fans on the retirement of MS Dhoni. Here are Five Reasons why shouldn’t MS Dhoni retire.

Mastermind: Drawback of MS Dhoni retirement for bowlers

MS Dhoni retirement
Mastermind MS Dhoni

He is known as “Mastermind Behind the wickets “. Confessed by many legendary cricketers he is one of the best cricketing minds the team can have. His level of understanding the opposition’s game is a true piece of the mastermind as it helps in taking over the game even from the worst point of the game. Thus it can help the team to strategize over the toughest enemies. It is one of the reasons why he shouldn’t retire.

Best In Planning

MS Dhoni Retirement
Best in planning: MS Dhoni

Cricket is all about planning and plotting thus skipper. Should the team lead from the front and help his team in terms of planning. And it is firmly believed by the whole world that no other captain is as good as MS Dhoni. Many times the world has witnessed his excellence in planning the game to next extent. Thus it is one of the reasons why Ms should hold on with the decision of retirement.

Game changer

MS Dhoni Retirement
The Game changer

Ms Dhoni is one of the Most exciting players when it comes to Batting. Although he’s not famous for long and steady innings. Because there’s hardly any time left when he comes to bat. While chasing his batting comes out with the best forms. He has given a lot of memories to Indian cricket. His trademark of finishing the game with a six has been the favourites of favourite.

Captain cool: Drawback of MS Dhoni retirement

Captain Cool
Captain Cool

He is known as captain cool for his “cool minded” decision he took even on the worst moment of the game. Changed the results of the game, he’s never been observed high tempered on the field.
The way he behaves with his bowlers when they are experiencing their toughest time. Is one of the reasons why he is loved by bowlers so much. He is an asset of a team who is most useful when the team needs him the most. The way he handles the pressure is just amazing.

Straight forward & responsible


It is a duty of the captain to straight forward and responsible at times. That is one of the qualities that makes him so special, The way he describes every bowler his mistake is really a strong point. It gives a sense of confidence to the team and other players. He is very humble towards every player though all are not same it was a speciality that he use to take the team altogether.
Rather than other qualities what made him more important for the team’s captain. He uses to face all the loss and criticism and he would put youngsters in front of media as a key to their success.
It was his habit to take failures and turn them into success. And whenever the team is getting the success he would appreciate the youngster and give them the credit of success

Thus these are some 5 reasons for MS Dhoni retirement to never happen.

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