ONE NATION ONE RATION: All you need to know about

A few days back our respected PM announced about an upcoming government plan named ONE NATION ONE RATION CARD. Before this, there was a rule that every ration card-holder would get a ration card which was specifically usable in that particular state from where or she belongs.

Now as the pandemic has affected the country’s economic system to the extent and as a result, the poverty line of the country has raised in huge numbers. So keeping the situation in mind the PM announced this plan of one nation one ration.

First of all, let us see what is the importance of a ration card in our country 


In India, there are nearly 10% of people are below the poverty line. As per the Ministry of Home Affairs, there are approximately 4 crore migrant workers who are not at all a small figure. And in this lockdown situation, they were helped by the government and many other Organizations. Apart from that these migrant workers have an old history to travel around the country in search of food and livelihood.

So, The government of India has launched an ambitious project named “One Nation One ration card” not only for the migrant workers but for all the people of the country who survive below the poverty line.

Now come let us know what is this One nation one ration all about.


Union Minister Ram Villas Paswan earlier took up the initiative in 2019 In four states. From 1st January 2020, One nation, One ration card scheme got active in 12 states across India.

The states were: Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Telangana, Rajasthan, Kerala, Tripura, Haryana, and Andhra Pradesh. 

The central government prepared a standard Format and named it as ONE NATION ONE RATION CARD. Under this scheme, any citizen residing in the country & have its proper documentation can apply. And avail the benefits that are being provided by the government under the scheme of one nation one ration card. After it is implemented completely in the nation, There will be one ration card that would work. It is a bit similar to the ADHAR CARD SCHEME, which was intended to be the only identity of being an Indian.


Well, many of us don’t know why Is actually ration card used or what is the ration card. The answer stands as there are a lot of people who are not earning 2-3 thousand of the month. And if such is the case, They can’t feed food to their family, thus for such families ration card acts as “food giver”. With a ration card, the cardholder gets food grains at the cheapest rates.

Under the scheme, every BPL family gets 35 KG food grains in western – ( 20 Kgs of rice & 15 kgs of wheat), in the western district –(25kgs rice & 10kgs of wheat) each month at a fixed price. The price of wheat is Rs. 3 per kg. and rice at Rs. 2 per kg.


Every Individual who Is declared as BPL(below poverty line citizen) is eligible to get the benefit of the scheme across the country.

If we go with the situation we can conclude it by saying 


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