START-UP a term that took over every commercial mind in the past 10 years, the prime reason startup being so impactful was. It had been socially discussed on every platform. which later on became a great example for every commercial mind all over the globe.

It would be interesting enough to dive into the depth of this great topic. Let’s start then.


Start-up is a company or a business organization that is an entrepreneurial venture when it starts. In the early stages of operation, they are typically aimed at resolving real-life issues with their kind of ideas and services.

In simple words .A start-up is a self-started short venture which is started to provide essential service to people who they but very hard.

Some of the very famous and successful startups in India are OYO & BYJU’S.


The first start-up in India was DESI ALPHALOGIC was the first enterprise to float India’s first start-up IPO. It is a Pune based software consulting firm, It’s the rate of per-share according to share market was INR. 84.

Later after this many start-ups registered themselves. Generally, young IT students who have a group of students with differently-abled IT specifications they tend to adopt this start-up


The business style in India didn’t change over the years, it’s not that startups didn’t start .In the last 5 years, but start-ups never got startups dint got so much of importance. But when the first company 

DESI ALPHALOGIC got themselves registered in .The stock market under SEBI & NSE it gave a new phase to .The Indian Business Structure.

After this the young generation got them involved in this idea of the start-up. Therefore this concept of a startup is adopted by the youth of India and the rest of the world. Socially and mentally this idea being so vastly accepted by the youths .That it has become a serious issue to think about for every business institution.


The prime difference between these two sectors is. Businesses are driven by profitability and stable long term value whereas startups focus on top-end revenue and growth potential. Their business models are different too

Another factor that differs from these two forms of business model is the ECONOMIC difference. There’s a difference between the Financial principle. Let us take it as RISK VS RETURN.

To make it easy to understand let us take it as .Start-up is never in a comfort zone unless the entrepreneur has .Good investors in it who can invest millions of amounts in the start-up. To make it a successful stock that would help the startup to grow.

And when it comes to business it depends on return and profitability .Because business institution have a plan according to the business module.

Which may attract the investors according to plan. And the risk lowers in a Pre-Planned business.


India is a land where Business is not just done but its worshiped. And in such an atmosphere

its very rare to see an unsuccessful business .Because the people here get satisfied with what they achieve. 

The top 2 companies that took over the Start-up world .As an example are OYO & BYJUS and proudly both the start-ups are from India.

OYO: A Hotel booking app that became successful in the eyes of the world, it would be better if we don’t judge it on its balance sheet.

But it has grown rapidly among the users .The reason behind its success was people use to search for hotels on every destination they go. 

Apps like Make my trip and yatra booked hotels with prepaid payment mode and had only a few hotels within their franchise.

But oyo came up with a unique idea of pay at the hotel. That made them so famous among the users. So basically it had many competitors in the line but everyone was outplayed with this START-UP’S IDEA

BYJUS: Whenever we discuss start-up by us will be considered as the most successful startup. Therefore just started in the year 2011 

it had an idea of “Fall in love with learning

“ With this it became the most successful startup, it became so wealthy that it has been sponsoring the Indian cricket team. 

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