The Top 3 best Web Series in India: Enjoy the best

Entertainment is one of the most essential parts of our lives. we get bored with our daily lives. For we Indians, entertainment was movies, tv, mobile and games until this word “Web Series” was introduced to us. In 2018 a company named Netflix introduced its first Indian web series. later Amazon Prime, ALT Balaji and many other companies came up with this concept of web series.

Indian online audience took a great interest in watching web series. In other words, This made many producers think of coming up with this idea of web series. Many of us are still unaware of what these web series are. These are casted online on a particular network like Netflix, Amazon Prime and alt Balaji.

So, the top 3 best Web Series in India are:

Sacred games Web Series

Sacred games- web series.
Sacred games- web series.

The first-ever web series bought in India on Netflix by the duo of talented directors Anurag Kashyap And Vikramaditya Motwane. As these two were bringing up a show people naturally expected big things. This Indian web series is based on a novel by Vikram Chandra’s which was released in 2006 with the same name.

The first season of the web series inspector Sartaj Singh discovered more About the chemical attack which was about to happen in Mumbai after locating a doubtful suspect Ganesh Gaitonde’s hangar. Inside the bunker was Trivedi, who appeared to be dead and surrounded by items to survive a massive chemical attack on the city.

So the attack is still going ahead with Sartaj desperately trying to stop it and save the inhabitants of the city. Sartaj discovered more about the attack and found from where weapons were being supplied. The officer also got the link between Gaitonde and DCP Parulkar. While viewers don’t find about much of attacks. It’s hinted that it is a part of religious war that will tear the city apart. After that, in Season 1 Ganesh’s empire collapsed followed by the death of his girlfriend kuku.even after getting married and satisfying himself. Ganesh lost his wife in a murder execution. As he is surrounded by foes and enemies all the year-round.

Season 2: The first season left many questions among the viewers which made the release of season 2 very desperate for the viewers. As a result, Season 2 was not so amazing as it was expected by the viewers. For instance, as Season 1 started with great entertainment and ending made it so suspenseful that one would go fo the second season but season 2 was like playing games away from the dice.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui(Ganesh)

Saif Ali Khan (Sartaj Singh)

Pankaj Tripathi (Guruji)

Kubra Sait (Kuku)

And many other famous characters 

Direction: Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap.

Channel: Netflix


IMDb ratings: 8.8/10

The Family man Web Series

family man web series.
family man web series.

Spy thrillers are fondest topics in terms of web series and movies. what more can you expect from a web series full of drama, action, romance, spy, thriller? The family man is just one of those shows which can give all the entertainment content a typical web series has.

The story revolves around a man named Srikant Tiwari who is a struggling Family Man but a superstar at the workplace. Srikant Tiwari is an undercover agent who is also the mastermind behind stopping the great terror attacks from its execution. As a result, The Family Man web series begins on a promising note as Srikant Tiwari completing his daily exercise and then getting himself ready for the office along with quarrel with his wife on some strange topic of bringing up kids Together. Well, you must have got an idea till now because of the plot as to why the title to this web seriesTHE FAMILY MAN” suits them best.

One of those ordinary days for an officer like Srikant Tiwari is on his way for interrogating the three ISIS terrorists.

The Plot

They are caught on the Arabian Sea. And are suspected to execute a big terror attack, while two terrorists are caught easily one of the Criminals named Moosa was hiding in a small which was house immediately found by Srikant and his team later solving the case on a larger picture. However, the case got so complicated that no one had a clue what going to happen. As the terrorists were wounded by bullets while they were being caught.

As a result, Suspects were admitted in a hospital where two terrorists got weak and were brutally attacked they were about to give up. Whereas Moosa playing a victim card on his mother’s name that he was forcefully sent to execute the plan. As the team of national investigations was busy in figuring out what the plan was and who were the part of the plan. Moosa escapes from the hospital even after tight security.

Later when Srikant figured out the plan of terrorists exploding Hydrogen bombs in India. He found out the guy who was bringing the bombs to India. After that, on his way, Srikant and his team caught the terrorist but later Moosa came up with a plan B with poisonous gas from a chemical factory.which was stopped too.

Thus it was one of the typical web series material.


Manoj Bajpayee 


Sharib Hashmi

Neeraj Madhav

Pawan Chopra

Channel: Amazon Prime

Direction; Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.k

No of season:1

No of episode:10

IMDb ratings:8.3/10

Mirzapur: Indian Web Series


The web series Mirzapur is an Indian web series which is lead by Akhandanand Tripathi or ‘Kaleen’ who is the largest exporter of carpet in North India but works as a drug smuggler and a Gun exporter. A well-known Name in North India has a spoilt brat named Munna who is hungry for power. But does nothing to follow his fathers legacy.

On the other hand, there’s a lawyer who is believed to be a medium-class, normal man. He gets a case against Munna Tripathi who is alleged for shooting a Bride going for marriage.knowing this Munna attacks on lawyers family. After that, The two sons of lawyer Bablu pandit and Guddu pandit were strong enough to defend themselves.

Listening to this Kaleen gets impressed by Guddu and Bablu. As a result, Kaleen asks them to work for him without a second thought the brothers accept the proposal. However, It disheartens Munna which forces Munna to start drugs and prostitution and spoiling his life.

 Guddu and Bablu went Jaunpur to meet Shukla enemy of Kaleen. Munna on hearing this gets fiery and starts searching for both the brothers everywhere. After some time Guddu and Bablu leave for a friends wedding and suddenly Munna hijacks the wedding. As a result, He kills Guddu and his wife whereas injuries Guddu and rest of the family.


 Ali Fazal

Pankaj Tripathi

Vikrant Massey

Shweta Tripathi

Rasika Dugal

Channel: Amazon Prime

Direction: Karan Anshuman & Gurmeet Singh

No of seasons: 1 

No of episodes: 9

IMDb rating: 8.7/10



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