Virat Kohli Diet: Know the food of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli Diet

Virat Kohli is considered as one of the greatest cricketers around the Globe. He is known as one of the fittest athletes of the sporting fraternity. According to other players and analysts, it is said that apart from training Virat is very much diet conscious. Virat Kohli diet is very choosy when it comes to eating healthy. You will never see him doing ads for the things he himself never uses or it is beneficial for one’s health.

Virat Kohli Diet
Virat Kohli Diet

After every match Virat gets better, being such a popular sporting sensation he is very closely observed by his fans and spectators. His every fan keeps searching “VIRAT KOHLI DIET”, so there are a lot of rumours on the internet about his diet where some are true and some are not. because of such, we give you a detailed review of his diet which is said by himself and it true.

Virat Kohli Diet since 2015

Virat Kohli Diet
Virat Kohli Diet

So, Virat Kohli has been under strict VEGAN since 2015. In a recent chat show, he admitted that he has been under a vegan diet since 2015. As he is a busy sportsperson, the diet of Virat Kohli depends on his schedule.

Generally, Virat Kohli starts his day with a healthy breakfast which consists of omelette, three Egg whites along with one full Egg . some spinach with Black Pepper, Cheese, some grilled Bacon or some smokes Almonds along with some fruits like papaya, Watermelon, Dragon fruit. Sometimes his diet also includes some cheese for a good amount of Fat and he carries his special peanut butter and Gluten-free Bread and a Pot of Green tea with lemons.

How Virat Kohli maintains himself

Virat Kohli Diet
Virat Kohli Diet

In short “Virat Kohli Diet “ Starts with a heavy and healthy breakfast. It is also considered that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Thus Virat Kohli diet is also made under such circumstances.
Following the Breakfast, In lunch, Virat tries to maintain his food as per the diet. But as per the normal days, lunch of Virat’s diet includes. Grilled chicken, Smash potatoes, spinach and some veggies along with it.

The lunch of Virat Kohli diet includes a high protein and carbohydrate. As it helps in covering energy and calories released during the training and matches. The lunch also helps In recovering the body cells and gives strength to bones.
Followed by lunch the dinner is not that heavy, it is just a small amount of seafood which recovers the body for the next day.

What led to change in his diet

In an article, Virat Kohli said when he is instructed by the trainer to put on some weight he adds some Red Meat. In a recent interview, he said how strict diet has positively affected his life and game. previously he didn’t have such physique but after. 2014 England tour it has effected his mindset and training habit.
He firmly believes that modern cricket is all about fitness. “If someone wishes to play all three formats of the game. One player needs to be fit enough otherwise it’s impossible for. That particular to stay, because the game has excel to such an extent. That one can’t resist himself.

His diet is one of the ideal diets for athletes. It shows how important it is to have self-control. Leaving all your favourite food aside for gaining the amount of fitness, one’s profession

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